Early Challenges for Alignment Communities Webinar Series

This webinar series reviews challenges that are commonly seen across new Alignment communities. Each session provides tangible solutions for overcoming these early challenges.

Communication Challenges

Clear communication across all participants is critical to achieving success with an Alignment effort. Specific communication needs will be provided and suggestions for utilizing ComCoefficient and other tools to communicate internally and externally will be offered.

Building Community Capacity

As Alignment teams build successful community solutions, team members gain valuable experience. In this webinar, participants will learn how to expand and build on that experience to create more capacity within the community.

Funding an Alignment Effort

Funding the Alignment organization is always a challenge. This webinar will explore different funding models for an Alignment organization. Other funding challenges include funding the strategic initiatives created by Alignment Teams. Suggestions for these funding needs will also be explored.

Creating Early Wins

Early wins are important in Alignment efforts to demonstrate that the work is effective. But, creating early wins presents a unique set of challenges. This webinar will offer suggestions for creating early wins and also provide some examples. Pitfalls to avoid when creating early wins will also be explored.

The Alignment Learning Curve: The Challenge of Creating an Alignment Mindset in Community

A fully functioning Alignment initiative means that community is working in different ways. To work in different ways requires the community climb a new learning curve. This webinar will discuss the challenges associated with learning new ways of working and ways to identify progress toward achieving a high functioning Alignment team.

Getting the Right People on Board

This webinar will outline and explore who should be involved in an Alignment
effort. Discussion will include a focus on who should lead the organization at all
levels of the work and who should be involved in Alignment teams. Common
challenges include recruiting the right people and making changes in leadership
when needed.

Establishing a Shared Culture

Alignment of strategies and tactics across different sectors in a community is challenging in large part because each sector (education, business, non-profit, government) brings different cultures to the collective work. This webinar will discuss these challenges and offer solutions to help an Alignment effort leverage different cultures to achieve stronger outcomes.