Alignment Toolset

Alignment USA was created to support and coach¬†communities as they adapt the Alignment toolset in their own communities/ regions. This toolset was developed by Alignment Nashville to align community organizations and resources so that their coordinated support of the community’s youth has a positive impact on public school success, children’s health, and the success of our community as a whole. The toolset–Principles, Structure, Process, and Technology–are an integrated system and implementation as a system results in collective impact and strategic and resource¬†alignment.

Principles ensure that our work is focused on systems change.

From a governing board to Alignment teams, the structure of each of our communities is built to foster collaboration at every level of engagement.

Our design and implementation Process ensures that Alignment Teams are making progress towards systems change.

Our online portal, Comco, allows Alignment Team members, community partners, and staff to navigate the Alignment Process.