Alignment has developed a unique process for engaging the entire community around complex issues. This process requires strong team-based leadership, a wide range of perspectives from stakeholders, and accountability to a governing entity to be successful.

The Comco portal is a tool that underpins the work of each Alignment Team. Designed to power the Alignment process, the portal enables the team to collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

Comco allows a team to store minutes and resources giving team members immediate access. Comco also provides guided support for teams to complete Tactical Plans and Invitations to Participate™ (ITPs). After ITPs are completed, Comco also collects and stores data on organization participation for current and past ITPs.

The purpose of the tactical planning phase is to develop a detailed plan for implementing a pilot project. Comco’s tactical planning platform follows the planning process and allows the team to input data as they work through the steps of building their team’s vision. By storing data and allowing for easy editing, the strategy, measurable outcomes, assessment plan, categories of services needed from community organizations, and target population are all captured. System generated reports deliver a way for review and presentation.

After the tactical planning phase is complete, Comco’s ITP platform aids in the ITP creation process by pulling appropriate data fields from the tactical plan to begin the community outreach work of the team. Comco provides a template for teams to develop the ITP and will ensure all required information is provided while still allowing for creativity and innovation. ITP responses are submitted through this web-based system for teams to be able to download and read as soon as they are submitted in the system.