What is the AUSA Network?

The Alignment USA Network is a national network of shared practice. The Network is made up of Alignment Communities committed to Alignment Principles, Structure, Process, and Technology.


Alignment Communities
commit to:

•  Developing a community-wide shared vision, purpose, and outcomes

•  The intentional alignment of existing community resources prior to the addition of new resources

•  Operating based on shared community principles

•  Utilizing an effective organizational structure of a board of directors, an operating board, and Alignment Teams populated by a diverse group of content and context experts and other community stakeholders

•  Effective, outcomes-driven process for designing solutions

•  Broader community engagement through the use of the Invitation to Participate (ITP)™ process

•  Developing effective and efficient communication and collaboration system

•  The use of Comco and/or other technology tools to support the Alignment Principles, Process, and Structure

•  Staff support for Alignment Teams

Benefits of joining the
Alignment USA Network:

•  Access to emerging practices and results from other communities using Alignment principles, structures, and processes to address complex issues

•  Technical assistance during the startup and initial implementation of Alignment principles, structures, and processes

•  Opportunity to utilize Comco, the collaborative portal software developed specifically to support the Alignment process

•  Opportunity to attend Alignment USA events and gatherings of Alignment practitioners/ adopters

•  Access to role-alike and cohort-based networking and learning opportunities

Meet the Network