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Alignment Jackson’s mission is to facilitate community-wide collaboration in support of Jackson Public School’s strategic plan to improve student achievement. The objective is to create a process for community organizations to work collaboratively and efficiently to support the school districts goals of improving academic achievement.

Alignment Jackson is using the sustainable Nashville model to pull together diverse people and organizations with a common goal: to support students in Jackson schools, providing what they need to achieve academic success in alignment with Jackson Public Schools’ strategic plan. The organization’s major sponsors include the City of Jackson, the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership, Jackson Public Schools and the United Way of the Capital Area.

Beginning Spring 2014, high schools will begin a shift to small learning communities, or academies.  The academies—which may include subject areas such as hospitality, aviation and transportation, digital design and communication, health science and law, and business and finance—will be housed in a designated area at each school.

The academy structure can give students real-world experiences of what a career may entail.  It’s all about the three academy “R”s: relevance, relationship, and rigor. The plan is to have academies wall-to-wall in every Jackson high school.  For Alignment Jackson, the plan is to create and invigorate Jackson’s village to empower its young people to be successful.

For additional information, visit the Alignment Jackson site.

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