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Building Community Capacity

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October 18th, 2017

1:00 PM CDT

Funding an Alignment effort

Funding the Alignment organization is always a challenge. This webinar will explore different funding models for an Alignment organization. Other funding challenges include funding the strategic initiatives created by Alignment Teams. Suggestions for these funding needs will also be explored.


November 15th, 2017

1:00 PM CST

Creating early wins

Early wins are important in Alignment efforts to demonstrate that the work is effective. But, creating early wins presents a unique set of challenges. This webinar will offer suggestions for creating early wins and also provide some examples. Pitfalls to avoid when creating early wins will also be explored.


December 13th, 2017

1:00 PM CST

Communication challenges

Clear communication across all participants is critical to achieving success with an Alignment effort. Specific communication needs will be provided and suggestions for utilizing ComCoefficient and other tools to communicate internally and externally will be offered.


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