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Align Capital Region (ACR) was formed to create regional systems and conditions to align and optimize our assets, resources, and experience to achieve greater outcomes in education, workforce development, and community vitality.  Utilizing Alignment USA’s organized systems and high tech tools created in 2004, ACR will be the 12th region in the country to deploy this model. Additionally, in the spirit of alignment, Valley Vision was selected as ACR’s local consultant based upon its extensive local knowledge and experience working on complex environmental challenges. Working collaboratively, our region will benefit from having the right leadership in place and a proven operating system specifically designed for this work. 

ACR’s mission is to align and integrate community stakeholders and resources to ensure student success, workforce readiness, and overall prosperity.  It will serve all eight counties, 78 elementary and secondary (K-12) school districts, eight community colleges, three universities, three workforce development boards, small and large businesses, and the region’s communities-at-large. To that end, ACR has seated an influential, committed, and diverse Steering Committee commensurate to the challenge that includes education, business, and civic leaders.  The Committee has more than 350 years of collective experience and is dedicated to serve and meet the challenge of its mission.

The leadership’s guiding principles function as its North Stars directing its focus and actions.  They are:

  • We believe that we are better together as a whole region than as individual communities.
  • Our work is focused on supporting the whole child, student, resident.
  • We will do whatever it takes to help students succeed in school, work, and civic engagement across our region.
  • Our work is generational and requires long-term stakeholder commitment.
  • Our work will ensure that every student has access to opportunity, full engagement, and is accountable.
  • We are committed to innovation and possibility thinking to achieve greater outcomes for all students in our region.

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